Hello, I’m Claire.


I’m twenty-five, a photographer from Melbourne, Australia and in 2015 I travelled around the world for a year with my partner Martin, our backpacks and my camera.
I’ve been taking pictures for nine years! In the beginning I fell head over heels for fashion photography, and over the years that passion has evolved into a deep love for the craft of capturing an image. That could be a fleeting moment, savoured memory or something I’ve conjured up in my imagination. I document these images here, in my photo diary.
When we returned from our year abroad, I made the decision to start my own photography studio. Specialising in Weddings and portraiture. At the end of 2016 Martin joined me full time with running our photography business together. You can follow our work over at
This online diary is a place to record my thoughts, travels and share my story with you. I want to show you that no dream is too silly or too big, if you take that leap, anything is possible.
With an open heart and my camera in hand, here is a little piece of my world.


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