Photographing gorgeous Tereza overlooking sun-lit Prague. We took pictures together around the grounds of a castle with the twinkling city surrounding us. It felt good to have my DSLR in my hands again, I’d missed it’s weight and clunkiness now that I shoot mostly with my smaller fujifilm while we travel. I didn’t think I could top the feeling of photographing on the streets of Paris, but the ground of a Czech castle? That’s what dreams are made of  ❤

Model: Tereza
Styling: Linda Radostová
Make-up & hair: Aneta Ložková



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    Jenna Bird


    I am totally in love with your photography <3 I've spent many a days this summer just browsing through your incredible blog, just being amazed by everything you do and create in general…

    And okay, maybe this is a weird question, but I was wondering how many photos you take during a shoot like this??? 100, 1,000, 10,000???

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    Lucy Ronan


    I am so in love with your photography, I can’t quite begin to explain! The light, setting, everything is just perfect.
    Prague is also so beautiful and you captured its essence wonderfully 🙂 X

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      Claire Alice Young


      Thank you very much Lucy! That is really so kind of you (: Prague’s beauty is so easy to capture, it’s everywhere you look! ❤

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    Hi Claire,

    I am loving your travel blogs…thank you for letting me dream of faraway distant lands, even if it’s for a little while 🙂

    I was wondering how you still manage to take fashion shoots while traveling? Where do you find your models, hmua, stylists from when your in a country you might not be so familiar with. I struggle coming up with my own team, even with the amazing resources and connections in Melbourne!

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      Claire Alice Young


      Hi Raq!

      Thank you for your lovely words! (:

      Finding connections overseas can be difficult. Depending on where I am looking to do the shoot, I’ll usually contact local modelling agencies asking if there are any new models looking for test shoots (I’ll google the agencies to find them), or I will join some TFP Facebook groups for that city and make a post looking for talent. Models are usually the easiest to get in contact with, it’s makeup artists and stylists that are a little more difficult. For this shoot I was so lucky that Tereza the model pulled our team together. Modelmayhem can be a great site for connecting with creatives, and also there are Facebook groups for makeup artists and stylists too! Just send lots of messages detailing your ideas, skills and examples of the mood for the shoot and hopefully people will want to help bring your ideas to life! ❤

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        Thanks for the tips & great advice!!!

        Enjoy the rest of your travels xx